Simple creation, scheduling and distribution of posts to your social media channels.


Create and manage your own content or connect up to 10 news feeds for content curation.


Schedule and distribute posts to all your social media platforms.


Statistics and analytics to keep an overview of your performance and to optimize.

One Single Platform

  • Unlimited number of posts

  • One single dashboard

  • Define and select 10 news feeds for easy content curation

  • Editorial calendar

  • Statistics and analytics

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For simple & effective social media management.

You are a small or medium sized company, you manage several social media profiles, want to plan your posts ahead and keep an overview of your performance?

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Key features for

Efficient Social Media Management

The Onlim social media managament platform has been developed for small and medium sized enterprises. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Onlim is not only built by us, but also by our users.


Multi Channel Platform

One single platform for creating, managing and distributing your content. Via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr or Xing – with Onlim you create your posts once and distribute them to various channels by simply pressing a button.


Single Dashboard

Our user friendly dashboard gives you all important information at a glance. One click navigates you to the specific menu item where you create, manage and distribute your content, select your news feed sources or analyze your activities.


Unlimited Accounts

With Onlim you post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Xing & Flickr. Connect as many accounts as you want – there is no limit. Neither at Onlim Professional nor at Onlim Business.

Unlimited Posts

Post as often as you want with Onlim. We have no limitiation regarding the number of your posts, neither at Onlim Professional, nor at Onlim Business.

Statistics & Analytics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns and be informed about the feedback or comments on your posts. Answer to your audience directly via Onlim and interact regularly with your target group.

Editorial Calendar

This helps you organize your content marketing strategy. Schedule your posts in advance and stay informed about all your deadlines and timings – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Those are just the main features.


There are many more.

  • Easy setup

  • Dashboard shows latest comments

  • Feedback vs. week before

  • Content suggestions

  • Preview on scheduled posts

  • Preview on drafts

  • Dashboard shows published posts

  • Twitter tagging with # and @

  • Facebook profiles and pages

  • LinkedIn profiles, company pages

  • Xing profiles, company pages

  • Up to 30 images for Facebook posts

  • Up to 4 images for Twitter posts

  • Previews for different channels

  • Publish, save, schedule

  • Calendar overview and details

  • Calendar with filtering options

  • Quick view – day, week, month

  • Read news and monitor competitors

  • Simple search for content sources

  • Structure sources with interests

  • Filter sources with keywords

  • Flexible date range in statistics

  • Invite team members

  • Manage team members

  • Link shortener for detailed analysis

  • State of the art technology

What others say about Onlim

„We especially like Onlim’s calendar view to plan all our posts in advance and keep an overview. The ability to filter for the various channels and to get a preview of posts helps a lot with our social media coordination.“

„Onlim makes social media management efficient and straightforward. It’s very simple to post to various channels and to plan all posts in advance. Questions are answered by a quick and friendly support.“

Mag. Angela Weltler, Head of Online Marketing | Founder, codeaware GmbH

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